Apogee Miami Beach is the pinnacle of luxury living. Only a select few will ever have the privilege of calling Apogee home.

Fortunately, some of those have called on us to design and build their homes.

You-nique. (What's your story?)

Bespoke means exactly that. Your home should reflect your tastes, and your lifestyle. Not someone elses.

A home tells a story of who we are, and where we have been. It’s the essence of our life’s experience. Not just somewhere to live.


Concealed services and lighting feature prominently in our designs and we continually find ways to create ambient experiences.

Daytime lighting being what it is, the night offers a further opportunity to highlight a mood or a theme.
Technology allows us to choose from more than one option. Focus on a feeling, and divest of the background noise.

Custom made

Form and function in equal measures sometimes require imagination.

This kitchen features custom appliances and hand made stainless steel wall tiles in addition to custom cabinets and imported Italian glass surfaces.

Clean lines with the focus on pure functionality cut to the core of this kitchen's visage.