Serious mood light

Attaining inner peace is considerably easier if the atmosphere of your surroundings can be tuned to match your tastes.

Latest technologies and clever design allow you to create themes with ambient and accent lighting.

Two into one

This is the spectacular result of taking two adjacent apartments and converting them into a single residence.

Coursing through the immense space, is the spirit of Art Deco, brought into the 21st century.

The art of concealment

Flush surfaces and concealed features have been integral to the design of this residence.

The apparent simplistic lines hide the wealth of technology that lies within and remains one of our most comprehensive home automation projects.

Heaven can wait

If God had a bedroom, this would be it.

Light and lines harmonize together in this divine room.

Views of a South Beach sunrise aspire to be as magnificent as possible to compliment this tranquil, beautiful space.

Visionary design

This amazing symmetry was visualized and included by design.

This exacting attention to detail is not usually associated with interior design, yet is one of the reasons why we are so successful.

Party on

Retained as a party and entertainment home by a pair of NFL brothers, this apartment on the twentieth floor was designed to be fit for purpose.

With a feature bar, games room and the best hi-fi available, think 'Fun House' from the TV show Ballers.